In 2016, Bose launched its first consumer product in the BOSEbuild line. The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is a build-it-yourself Bluetooth Speaker that engages kids through an iOS app on a journey from magnets to music. This consumer product enables a child, age 8 and up, to learn how a speaker and sound works and results in them building a rugged, high-quality speaker.

In addition to this consumer product, we have developed a version that can be used to go deeper into the concepts and encourage more hands-on experimentation and learning. It can be used as a platform to teach the science of magnetism, electromagnetism, waves, sound, and music. This is enhanced through additional sensors to enable kids to learn the following: (Check out the ACTIVITIES Section to see all that is possible)

  • What is sound?
  • How does a magnet and coil of wire work together to make sound?
  • Design a speaker from a single sheet of paper or other craft materials.
  • Sensors to explore different inputs from their world:
    • Sensors included are: Magnetism, Gravity, & Distance
    • Using these sensors, kids can develop their own game or musical instrument
What is the difference between this and the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube and the BOSEbuild for Education KitsDifference Matrix

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