I can’t get the plugs to fit into the ports.

Make sure the circles on the yellow plastic of the plugs is facing up and matching the circles above the ports.  Also make sure that the plugs are pushed in all the way so that a good connection can be made.

I ran out of paper speaker templates and need more for my classroom.

The paper speaker templates can be found in the Downloads  section of the website.

Where can I get more clips for the speakers?  

You can contact us through our email help@bosebuild.com and we will send some more clips over to your school.

The side panels are not fitting together like they should.

All of the side panels have a rubber lining that should go facing the inside of the speaker.  The rubber lining has ridges on it that will line up with adjacent side panels to provide a tight seal.

The paper speaker template is not amplifying the sound of the music.

To make sure the paper speaker works as best as possible, make sure that the Coil is being held the optimal distance from the Magnet.  This means the paper speaker should not be tightly closed and should allow room for the Coil to move up and down on the Magnet.